We act in defense of those who may have been harmed by any action considered criminal by Law.

In this way, we compose the written lawsuit or the writ of complaint always causing the examination phase when we must defend a client against the perpetration of a crime against him; we appear in the procedure and we defend him and assist him during the examination phase as well as during the oral hearing.

The right to legal assistance both the injured party and the alleged offender implies the development of an evidentiary activity necessary to achieve the defense of the rights of our clients.

We act in the summary proceedings, ordinary proceedings and in any type that our Law contemplates. Without prejudice to the actions in general matters within the Criminal Law (we refer to traditional crimes), we want to make special mention of our activity in a field of Criminal Law that is gaining more and more importance as is the Economic Criminal Law, that is, those actions that violate the patrimony and attempt against the socioeconomic order such as scams, misappropriations, unfair administration against the company, fraudulent insolvent creditors, money laundering, etc and that it is being treated in a very special way by this office.

You can find and read below interesting sentences of this field of Law.

Criminal Law


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