This section has special significance for many homeowners that are not Spanish and that may be involved in situations of legal difficulty for urban infractions.

Every day we are consulted more about problems that these owners find, many of whom receive penalties of a pecuniary nature for constructions carried out in their home without authorization.

But it is not only that, normally the economic fine goes hand in hand with an order to restore the constructive situation that had been modified.

It is distressing the situation in which people find themselves involved due to ignorance and without seeking advice they find themselves with the situation of having to demolish the constructions and pay fines.

Precisely to avoid that, this law firm has been advising its clients in this area for many years.

A construction never should be done, no matters how small it is, without local authorization.

Don’t pay attention to builders who use to encourage customer to do unlicensed constructions, since then they show indifference and leave the problem to the owner.

We advise as soon as you have knowledge of the opening of this file, to consult it with a lawyer immediately as the Law attributes powers to the City Council as important as ordering supply companies to cut off water and electricity supplies and even to carry out the demolition of the constructions, that the City Council will charge to the owner.

Sometimes it will turn out that the houses are older than urban revisions of the area where the property is and in this case, the execution of constructions have a greater difficulty in terms of its authorization, hence the need to know if the construction that is going to make is adjusted to the new regulations because if they isn’t you could not make this construction because it will affect the urban regulations without you can claim in that case acquired rights.

In these cases the acquired rights are respected because the house is respected as it is made even if it violates the later urban regulation, but what is not allowed is the execution of constructions unless they are authorized.

Any questions you may have do not hesitate and let us know.

  • We carry out actions of all type against City Councils.
  • We advice you on construction licenses, Openings, of Activity, etc.
  • We draft pleas on behalf of our clients.
  • We appear in administrative disciplinary files in defense of our clients.
  • If the issue goes through legal means we represent our clients at Court in Contentious Administrative Proceedings.

This is just a summary of the many actions we carry out in this field.

There are many cases that we have managed and you could check it on our website where we expose a large number of articles that we have written and judgments we have obtained.


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