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For many years we have been advising those who wish to acquire a home in Spain. Our services encompass from the initial point to the end with the registration of the property in the Land Registry.

It is very important to say from the beginning that the Spanish legal system guarantees a hundred percent security to people who want to acquire a property in Spain because it has a legal system that protects them.

However, we always insist on advising the buyer never to obtain advice through the real estate agency in charge of the purchase and always to seek independent advice.

Fortunately, nowadays the guarantees for the buyers regarding the new houses are very important since it is demanded without any doubt that the person who is going to buy an off-plan property is guaranteed by means of guarantees or insurance the amounts paid to account of the sale because in the event that the agreed term is reached if the home is not delivered, this money must be returned to the buyer and the guarantee of this is the guarantee.

The buyer must know that in Spain the new homes have a ten-year insurance guarantee that must be given by the ten-year seller who covers damages caused by defects or hidden flaws that affect the foundations, supports, beams, floors, etc. that compromise the mechanical strength and stability of the building; a 3-year warranty that covers the faults or defects of the construction elements or facilities that cause the breach of habitability requirements and a one year guarantee that covers damages that occur in the finishing or completion elements of the work.

So then the person who is going to acquire a home in Spain on an off-plan knows that he has this coverage for alleged damages that may appear at the moment of the possession delivery.

From the moment the buyer gets in touch with us, this office takes care of all the processing of the sale and we guarantee the legal study of this operation, the registration verification and the legal situation in the City Council.

If the house is new we are committed to ensure the developer or the construction company meets the deadlines and of course we ensure that the signing of contracts is legal.

We advise the client in relation to all the documents that must be signed, whether it is a deposit contract, a private purchase and sale contract and deed.

We guarantee that during the period until the taking of possession that is made in the Notary, the buyer won’t have any unforeseen problems and when any contingency occurs, we serve the customer immediately.

It can be said that with the hiring of our services, the clients can stay calm since by our side they will do the entire temporary journey from the initial signing until the registration of the deed.

If you consult us we will send you a detail of our complete services and a budget that we try to be always good for the client.

With the registration in the Registry prior to the processing of the public deed of sale our services come to an end.

We advise tax-wisely on the purchase and sale, either of first-hand or second-hand home and in cases of second-hand homes we ensure that the client when going to the Notary is guaranteed the absence of any debt of the seller regarding the house and therefore he won’t find any surprises.

All the expenses of the house will be justified as well as those of the Resident’s association and of course we guarantee that the client will never pay for something that he does not have to pay.

Consult our services and ask us for a budget and for that, at the time of contacting us, do not forget to tell us if you are buying a first or second-hand home; whether it is an apartment or a chalet; the place where the property is located and a roughly estimate of the value of the purchase.

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